1971–74  BA English Literature, University of Ulster

1975-6  Dip.Ed., Queen's University, Belfast

2004-6  MA Renaissance Literature and Culture, Sussex University 

1975–2013 Teacher of English in secondary schools

2012   Brighton Open Houses (summer)

2013   Brighton Open Houses (summer)

2014   Brighton Open Houses (summer and Christmas)

2014   Seawhite’s Studio, Foyer, interiors paintings

2015   Seawhite’s Studio, Autobiography exhibition

2015   Chiddingly Open Studios

2015   Brighton Open Houses(Christmas)

2016   Seawhite’s Studio, Big Drawing exhibition

2016   Chiddingly Open Studios

2016   R. K. Burt Gallery, London

2016   National Open Art, Mercers’ Hall, London

2016   Brighton Open House, Christmas

2016   Hove Open House, Christmas

2017   Skyways Gallery, Shoreham

2017   Featured in World of Interiors

2017   Gallery 57, Arundle - Chalk, flint, clay, shore

Winter Collection

2018   Gallery 57 Arundle - A contour, a curve, the lie of the land

Making arrangements

Organic form

2018 Skyways Gallery, Shoreham

2019 Gallery 57 - Organic form

2019 The Art Shop and Chapel, Abergavenny June-August